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Please read carefully and right to the bottom as this explains how to get a FREE pair of sponsorship goalkeeper gloves from us. If you do not understand, please DO NOT email us as they will only send you back to this page, instead please just reread, because after a couple of reads you should understand.

1. For Canada, USA, and the rest of the world go to Goalkeeper Gloves Canada

2. Choose the gloves you want BUT instead of opting for one pair, opt for TWO pairs. (You have to pick the SAME glove and SAME size for this to work as our shop is automated).

3. Once you have picked your gloves, then click ADD TO CART. You then need to go top right and where it states SHOPPING CART then click VIEW CART.

4. You will then see the option near bottom of page to add your voucher code: Please enter FREEGLOVE

5. That’s it simple!  Once code has been added and confirmed by you, you then should see conformation that you only got charged for one pair, thus getting your FREE sponsored pair.

Just them simply continue with your order. You will then get sent your sponsored FREE glove with your order.

Keeping Reading to bottom to get your FREE gloves – Important

THIS MONTH – The gloves we offer sponsorship are the  J4K Evolution Pink, J4K Hydro Supa Pro Grip , J4K SUPA GRIP HYBRID NRX , Sports Pro Red Negative, Sports Pro Blue Hybrid, Arctic Pro Elite Hybrid, Red Rocker Elite Roll, Crystal Elite Neg, J4K Supa Stealth Negative, J4K Sublime Stealth, Galaxy Pro Elite Hybrid, J4K Supreme Pro Grip Negative ,

Please Note: Because couriers have put prices up, what we have had to do is charge an extra $5.00 to cover the cost of shipping, picking and packaging, taxes and other associated costs to get your free sponsored gloves to you. So this $5.00 will get added on.

We are positive you will understand and will be happy to cover this small cost to receive your free gloves but sadly it was the only way that we could continue to do this sponsorship scheme in light of price of postage and picking and packing rates going up.

Very Important Please Read!!!!

There is only ONE sponsored glove allowed PER order! (If you want to chose a second glove design you MUST order separately)

As this is not a cheap promotional trick and is a genuine offer… There is also NO limit to ordering!

This sponsorship is only for goalkeeper gloves, not clothing or equipment or any other item that may be on sale or discounted.

Whatever glove you choose, please pick the SAME pair of gloves and SAME size, otherwise it will NOT work…. As the online shop is automated.

Personalization – If you opt for sponsorship and you want personalization on both pair of gloves, you must purchase the personalization x 2.

LASTLY Please  Please Please tell as many goalkeepers as possible what we are trying to do to help keepers save money – The more that take up this offer the longer we can offer you and fellow goalkeepers FREE goalkeeper gloves!

We are confident this will help parents and goalkeepers save A LOT of money over the year!

Best of Goalkeeping

The Goalkeeper Gloves Canada team

Proudly servicing you since 2013!

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